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Why I started blogging

Why I started blogging

Why I Started Blogging

On October of 2017,  I felt the need to quit my job, a job that I loved, in order to pursue a business of my own, blogging didn’t cross my mind at the time.  I was working at an elementary school, and the decision to leave was not easy for me.

I love all my kids at school and all my co-workers. I was very happy there so leaving my job was not easy at all.

Still, in 2018 I started to research different ways for me to make money from home and early 2018, I told my boss that I was not coming back next school year. 😔

My Why

For years I was a stay at home mom, I  only worked a few hours at a mother’s day out, so getting a full-time job was a huge change for me.

After a while, I was feeling very tired, I felt like I was not giving my family the best of me. I felt so guilty about everything. I felt like a bad mom for not being there for my kid’s school activities, or for not making a healthy dinner, or for not spending quality time with them, etc.

One of the reasons why I decided to work from home was to be able to be present for my husband and for my kids. I wanted to spend quality time with them. Our kids are little for only a small amount of time, I don’t want to miss anything.

My husband has a great job but he is not happy. It breaks my heart that my husband has to get up each day to go to a job that he hates. So, my reason number 2 is: I want to be able to make enough money for him to leave his job and work together on our business.

Lastly, but equally important; I want to be able to give. I want to help spread The Word of God around the world. So, I want to partner up with several missionaries and help fund the kingdom of God! (this makes me very excited!!)

The reason why I named this blog Our Kingdom Culture is because I wanted God’s kingdom in our lives. I want to help you to be more kingdom minded in order for you to live the life that God has for you.

Your kingdom come. Your will be done in earth, as it is in heaven.

Matthew 6:10

Let the research begin

I decided to pursue my dream, so in January 2018 I started researching for jobs from home. There tons of jobs that you can do at home and earn a living.

There are so many things you can do, that it is almost impossible to choose one. Check this post if you want to have an idea of what I’m talking about, and that post only talk about a few jobs you can do at home, there are lots more.

So, after months and months of research, finally, I settled for an online boutique.

After a while, something happened, I always knew that The Holy Spirit was going to direct my steps but I was not ready for this. After spending many lunch breaks getting all the info ready to open my online boutique, I was led to blogging. 😨

I saw many people being successful with a blog, and I thought that I can be one of them. Why not? After all, I am the blessed of The Lord.

So when my kids went back to school in the fall I started reading and learning as much as I could about blogging.

There is a ton of information out there about blogging, even people that just started blogging teach about blogging! It’s crazy!

You can find a million classes and courses that teach about blogging if you want to pay for one. You can also learn on your own which I think is 1000% harder but not impossible. After reading many articles about blogging, I finally took the leap of faith and went for it.

Why I started blogging

Hello from the other side

Well, let me tell you something:

Blogging is freaking hard, there are like a million steps you need to do, no kidding there! By the time I launched my blog, I have worked on it for 4 months, 5-8 hours. Why did I put myself in this situation? Lord help me!

You see, I have a goal and I’m trying to stay focused on it. Writing is easy, but the other 999 steps are too much. 😆 When I feel discouraged I just remind myself the reasons why I’m doing this and then it becomes easier after that.

I just take it 1 step at the time, one day at the time. I’m so glad The Lord is my helper and my personal cheerleader, it is because of Him that I can do this.

So, here I am from the other side, blogging my heart out, trying to make my dreams come true. I don’t regret at all taking this leap of faith. Blogging is great, a pain in the butt, yes, but it’s a great way to make money, make friends and most important: help people.

We all have God-given talents and we should use them to help others. Never underestimate what you have to offer.

My Journey

I want to invite you to follow my blogging journey. I will be posting all my ups and my downs. But most importantly, I want to invite you to follow your dreams. Dare to believe that you can achieve everything you put your mind to. God said in His word that He blesses the work of your hands, so step out in faith and work hard towards your dreams.

I’ll be here to cheer you on. Today is the day for you to start working on making your dreams come true. Remember with God all things are possible! Just take one step towards it, you are, after all, The Blessed of The Lord.

If you are thinking about starting a blog I want to encourage you. I hope I didn’t scare you 😱 Nothing that is worth doing is easy. If I can do it, so can you. If you are thinking about taking a course, let me know, I have taken several and I will be more than happy to recommend one for you.

If you want more information about starting your own blog and have no clue where to start, send me an e-mail and I will direct you in the right path. My desire is to always help you and bless you.

Tell me about your dreams in the comments below, what is your dream?

Why I blog




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Born in Costa Rica. Wife and mother of 2 boys. Studied Biblical and Ministerial Studies and graduated from Harvest School of Ministry. Helping you and encouraging you to develop a personal relationship with the Lord so you can live a beautiful kingdom life.


  1. Lavonda mccullough

    Thank you for this encouraging message. I just started blogging and desire to launch in a month – you are right; it is so hard!! I appreciate your honesty and being transparent about your journey, I keep reading on how to make a brand, pick the best font, write an engaging blog post and the list goes on… Would like to hear from you if time allows.

    • Carolina

      Hi, thanks so much for stopping by. I sent you an email!


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