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What to do when the unexpected happens

What to do when the unexpected happens

Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.

Hebrews 11:1

(A guest post by Celia Sennon)

Not too long ago, my life took an unexpected turn. At the time I was happy with the life I had chosen. Admired for my accomplishments and blessed with a supportive family.

I was standing on a solid manmade foundation. I attended Sunday services and bible studies faithfully and tried to do all the right things. Lived the life I always envisioned, and I thought I was on top of my game. Then the unexpected happened!

Like the chill in the brisk Chicago wind, the unexpected challenge “took away my breath” I needed to refocus. But recovery took longer than I expected. The lifestyle I was familiar with was gone. Like an overcast cloud rising over my days and nights, distress became my new norm, slowly penetrating every area of my life.

Have you ever experienced the unexpected or made a bad decision only to be left with the consequences? How do you overcome and bounce back successfully from the stings and blows of life? Do you apply faith and trust God or depend on your limited human effort to solve every problem?

What you need to do when you have to deal with unexpected situations

Faith releases an abundant flow of favor. Situations are transformed when we keep our eyes on Jesus.

In the New Testament, we see a “faith movement”. Jesus healed the sick and released people from the clutches of demons because they had
faith and kept their eyes on Him.

There are situations that come to our lives that are out of our control. Learn what to do when the unexpected happens. #encouragement, #faith, #christianliving

Let us look at Matthew 14:28-33. Peter kept his focus on Jesus and was able to do the unthinkable. Surrounded by a raging storm, Peter stepped out of the boat and walked in faith on water towards Jesus. Peter could have been easily influenced by the fear of the other disciples on the boat. But he trusted Jesus.

We don’t know exactly how long Peter walked on the water. But I know it took a lot of faith and trust for a disciple to take that step.

Initially, Peter’s faith unleashed a supernatural ability that allowed him to step off the boat and walk on water towards Jesus.
However, the moment he focused on the storm, he sank. Peter allowed himself to be distracted by the chaos.

On that day, Jesus spoke about little faith, doubt, and fear. Jesus said to the disciples, “Have courage, I am here”.

His words apply to us today. When we have faith, we show that we believe that the things we pray for were already provided by God.

Throughout the bible, there are many examples of the direct connection between faith and miracles. Barren wombs were made fruitful, slaves were set free, the dead brought back to life and man being safe in a Lyons’ den. In Hebrews 11:1-28 we see several examples of the direct connection between faith and God’s miracle. And there are many more examples in the bible.

  1. In Mark 5:25-34, the women with the issue of blood suffered for twelve years. By word of mouth, she heard about Jesus. She knew if she just touched His garment she will be healed. And she did!
  2. In Matthew 8:5-13, the Roman soldier said to Jesus “just speak and my servant will be healed”. This officer understood Jesus’ authority and his servant was healed.
  3. Even the Gentile woman understood Jesus’ power and authority. She did not care about her ethnicity or what the disciples said. She persevered and her child was healed. (Matthew 15:21-28)

In the above examples, everyone understood Jesus’ authority and what He could do. They kept their eyes on Him and not on what was going on around them or what people were saying. Like Peter, if you focus on adversities, you too will sink, and your troubles will overcome you.

So, to maintain faith in difficult times study the above scriptures. It will encourage you. Today I testify, only after I removed myself from Jesus’ way and trust in Him, I was healed!

Suggested prayers to build strong faith to overcome the unexpected change:

I suggest meditating on the following prayers. Remember, go to Jesus because you believe He is the greatest healer. Personalize your prayers. Be specific. Insert names and issues you are experiencing. Incorporate His word in your prayers.

  1. I (insert your name) walk by faith and not by sight (2 Co. 5:7)
  2. Lord Jesus, I believe you are present in my daily living. I will witness the manifestation of the things I am believing God for. Amen.
  3. By faith, I decree and declare that my problems will not overcome me. I (insert your name) have triumphed over every weapon that is formed against me.

Thought for today:

Begin to cultivate a lifestyle of faith. Move in faith and keep looking towards Jesus. Apply faith to your situation.

Celia Sennon lives in Chicago Illinois. Celia is a mother of two and recently became a grandmother. When she is not working nine to five, Celia enjoys jogging and discovering new healthy recipes. She enjoys the rainy season and cool breezy summer days.
Celia is a professional copywriter for Christian Ministries. Through her writing,
Celia would like to show what God can do with the brokenness of our lives. Celia’s goal is to encourage others in their walk with Jesus Christ and to remind them that God’s love is available to everyone regardless of their situation.

You can find her at

In the ups and downs of life learn what to do when the unexpected happens. Where to find help and encouragement in time if need. #encouragment, #christianliving, #faith
Find encouragement in your time of need. Learn what to do when life changes and the unexpected happens. #faith, #christianliving, #encouragment
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