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100+ Awesome Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

100+ Awesome Ways To Spend Quality Time With Your Kids

According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the simple art of listening to your child is one of the most basic, but most effective, ways to prevent your child from engaging in risky behavior.

This statement alone should be a strong motivation for us to want to spend more time with our kids and listen to their hearts.

How many times have you felt guilty for not spending enough time with your kids? πŸ™‹I know I have.

Long working hours, school, the home, and extracurricular activities are some of the things that are keeping us from spending quality time with our kids.

But spending time together has so many benefits that we need to make it a priority. The amount of time we spend with our kids is equally important as the quality of time we spend with them.

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Benefits of spending quality time with your kids

  • Bonding: Spending time together helps to form lasting connections between family members. Strengthens family bonds.
  • It helps build children’s self-esteem.
  • Develops positive behaviors.
  • Creates memories.
  • Encourages communication.
  • It can help your child’s academic performance.
  • Less chance of drug abuse.
  • Stress relief.
  • More likely to make positive choices.
  • Improved mental health.

Being a parent is not an easy job, there are so many things that we need to take care of. But the most important one is to make sure we are connecting with our children.

Being a parent is the most important job that God has given us. We need to work hard to do it with excellence.

Here are 100+ ways or ideas that will help you spend quality time with your kids.

The best parenting advice I can give you is to spend more quality time with your kids. Here are 100+ great ideas for a fun family time that your kids will love

100+ Ways to spend quality time with your kids.

  1. Have game nights.
  2. Eat dinner together, no electronics.
  3. Family movie night. Make popcorn, and root beer floats, make it fun!
  4. Cook a meal together!
  5. Work on a family project (re-purpose a piece of furniture, build shelves for the garage, build a bird house, etc.).
  6. Family devotionals. Kingdom Family by Tony Evans is my favorite.
  7. Read together. Here is a list of great books for kids of all ages. Here is a list of The best Children’s Bibles by age.
  8. Karaoke night. You don’t need a karaoke machine, just use YouTube!
  9. Video game night. Why not?
  10. Work on the garden together.
  11. Help others, do community service.
  12. Family Road trip.
  13. Picnic at the park.
  14. Go to a concert together.
  15. Paint a room or the house.
  16. Look at old pictures and videos together.
  17. Zumba class at home. Move the furniture, play a video and make it fun!
  18. Go on a bike ride.
  19. Try a new restaurant, different type of food.
  20. Go to the movies.
  21. Go camping.
  22. Go for a walk.
  23. Nerf gun fights.
  24. Play tag.
  25. Play with Legos. Who can build the tallest tower or the coolest car?
  26. Tickle fights.
  27. Play hide and seek around the house.
  28. Plan a vacation together!
  29. Support and attend each other hobbies and extracurricular activities.
  30. Pray together. Make God a priority in your home.
  31. Go to church together.
  32. Sit around and talk, no electronics, no games, just talk to each other. Make eye contact, listen and really be present.
  33. Go shopping, or window shopping!
  34. Go to a game. It doesn’t have to be anything expensive, you can go watch your high school games.
  35. Plan a birthday party together.
  36. Help someone in need ( buy groceries for a needy family, cut someones yard, buy Christmas presents for less fortunate kids, make a care package for a soldier).
  37. Play mini golf.
  38. Go to a theme park and ride rides together.
  39. Go to the pool. Bring a ball and play together.
  40. Go out and stay in a nice hotel.
  41. Do house chores together. This may not sound very fun for kids but is still a great time for bonding and learning.
  42. Have a slumber party. ( Maybe sleeping in the living room by the Christmas tree or sleep in the kids room with them? or play room?).
  43. Teach your kids how to change a tire.
  44. Bake together (cookie decorating contest anyone?).
  45. Put together the Christmas tree.
  46. Put Christmas decorations outside the house.
  47. Play cards.
  48. Go through closets and donate what you don’t need. Same thing with toys.
  49. Play charades.
  50. Wake up early and make a big breakfast!
  51. Cooking BBQ, cook burgers, or fajitas on the grill
  52. Walk the dogs.
  53. Give the dogs a bath.
  54. Build a fort.
  55. Jump on the trampoline.
  56. Collect bugs.
  57. Do a scavenger hunt.
  58. Water fight (balloons, water guns, water hose, etc.).
  59. Play soccer, if you don’t know how just learn together.
  60. Go to the beach.
  61. Play basketball.
  62. Go to the lake.
  63. Go fishing.
  64. Visit your local library.
  65. Learn a new skill (origami, cake decoration, draw, paint).
  66. Exercise together.
  67. Make a time capsule.
  68. Have a yard sale.
  69. Volunteer (church, shelter, etc.)
  70. Attend a free local event like a concert, a play, a festival.
  71. Do a random act of kindness.
  72. Go hiking.
  73. Build a fire.
  74. Deep clean the house.
  75. Fly kites.
  76. Play Frisbee.
  77. Go garage sale shopping.
  78. Visit a flea market.
  79. Give each other a makeover.
  80. Play truth or dare.
  81. Go to a museum.
  82. Go to the zoo.
  83. Watch the sunset or sunrise.
  84. Go fruit picking.
  85. Go bowling.
  86. Catch a movie at the drive in.
  87. Play tourist in your own city.
  88. Make s’mores.
  89. Take a painting class.
  90. Go go-cart racing.
  91. Create a family bucket list.
  92. Celebrate weird holidays like Vanilla Ice Cream Day.
  93. Cuddle. If your kids are older they may not be too crazy about cuddling but never miss an opportunity to hold them and let them know how much you love them.
  94. Make plans to travel as a family!
  95. Make a craft.
  96. Surprise trips. These can be as elaborate or as simple as you want them. Surprise trips are always fun.
  97. Lay in bed together watching memes or funny videos on YouTube.
  98. Ask questions and get to know each other’s heart. Don’t judge be a good listener.
  99. Go out on a date with your kid. Make it special.
  100. Wash the car.
  101. Do a puzzle together.
  102. Go grocery shopping together once in a while. Get everyone’s favorite snacks.
  103. Watch a family series on Netflix.
  104. Practice face painting on each other.
  105. Sundae nights at home!
  106. Make tie-dye t-shirts.
  107. Study the Bible together. This is a great opportunity to teach your children The Word of God and help them with questions they may have.
  108. Go Stargazing.
  109. Make vision boards.

How to make this work

Baby steps…I understand how busy you are but if you don’t make a decision in your heart about spending more quality time with your kids it will never happen.

So, turn the TV off for a little bit, put the phone and the computer down. Leave the dishes in the sink for a while. Pick one or 2 of these activities to do with your kids each week and make an effort to communicate with them every single day.

When you make time for them, you show them how much you love them, you show them that they are important to you and that they matter.

Finally, I pray that you make spending quality time with your kids a priority. Let me know in the comments what other things you do to spend time with your kids.

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Parenting 101, spend more time with your kids. Here are over 100 great ideas that will help you spend quality time with your family
Our kids grow up so fast and the time we spend with them it's very important for their development and their future. In this post you can find 100+ great ideas on how to spend quality time with your family
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