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25 Silly and Affordable gifts for your kids

25 Silly and Affordable gifts for your kids

It’s that time of the year again, and if your kids are anything like mine you have heard them tell you what they want for Christmas at least 473 times.

Little presents here and there can add up quickly. Christmas can be very expensive if you don’t have a budget in place.

So, to help you with your budget here it is a list of fun, silly and affordable gifts you can give your kids!

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1. Flashing Gloves

Your kids will love their new light-up gloves. The colors are beautiful and they are perfect for boys and girls.

2. Farting Poop Emoji Pen

I’m sorry, I have 2 boys and anything that has to do with poop or farts they will love.

3. Would You Rather Game Book

This is a great option to keep kids entertained and engaged. Something fun for them to do when they are unplugged from their electronics.

4. Flingshot Slingshot Flying Screaming Monkey

This slingshot monkey can fly up to 50 feet and it screams as it flies. Hilarious!!! Your kids will have a blast with this silly toy.

5. Novelty Socks

Five different cute sets to choose from. Vibrant colors and super cool prints. These are perfect as stocking stuffers.

6. Tin Can Robot

Challenge your child’s imagination with the Tin Can Robot. This cute little toy is perfect for kids that are into electronics and robotics.

7. Silly Jokes for Silly Kids

This book is filled with hundreds of funny jokes with illustrations that your kids will love. All the jokes seem appropriate for kids.

8. Tacosaurus Rex Taco Holder

This is the ultimate taco stand for children. Yes, it’s silly but your kids will love it!

9. Hand Shadow Activity Book

This book contains 30 easy to follow hand shadows. Your kids will enjoy making these shapes and it will provide hours of entertainment.

10. The Original Bag of Unicorn Farts

This is one of the silliest gifts I ever seen. It’s cotton candy with a twist.

11. Pet Rock

Yes, just like it sounds! A Pet Rock a silly and affordable gift for your kids!

12. Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty

This putty is safe, non-toxic, and will never dry out. Stretchable, sculptable, bounceable fun for everyone ages 3 and up.

13. Sparkle Toots

This is such a cute and funny toy. Squeeze Sparkle Toots to hear him say phrases like “Don’t squeeze me, I’ll toot!”

14. Star Wars Roaring Chewbacca Mask

This funny mask never gets old. Your kids would love to have this funny mask of their favorite Star Wars character.

15. Monkey Noodle

Stretch, pull, twirl, wrap and squeeze them – then watch them bounce back to their original shape! These are great fidget toys to keep kids occupied while on the go.

16. Talking Hampster

This little hamster repeats everything you say no matter if you laugh, sing or speak any language. This is a great Christmas gift for your kids!

17. Sound Machine

Even though this gadget does not sound like the best present for your kids because of the noise, Your kids will love to play with this little sound machine. It has 16 different sound options!

18. Funky Egg Splat Balls

Squishy egg toys provide hours of fun for children of all ages. Even adults want to play with them!

19. Hilariously Interactive Toy Football

It’s cute, soft and perfect for younger kids. It has music, songs and 40 phrases and sound effects.

20. Karaoke Microphone

This is a wireless microphone, that can be used as a speaker and a recorder, with colorful LED lights. It can be connected to a phone via bluetooth.

21 National Geographic Kids Ultimate Weird but True

This book contains 1,000 wacky facts, photos, and too-strange-to-believe stories!

22. Beard Beanie

These are the cutest beanies ever. They are for kids (and adults) of all sizes. These are funky and fun!

23. Panda Piggy Bank

Teach your kids to save at an early age and let them have fun doing it. There is a cute little panda inside that steals your coins! How cute is that?

24. Purple Monster Slippers

Fluffly, comfy and super silly with non-slip soles.

25. Cute Kitty Lamp

This cute rubber lamp changes to 7 different colors. Tap with a finger or tap the night light softly on the surface to switch colors.

Click on the links and check them out. These are all silly and affordable gifts that your kids will love. Christmas doesn’t have to be expensive, it has to be meaningful and fun!

It’s all about celebrating the birth of the person that loves you the most…Jesus!

Christmas time it's here, time to find the silliest and funnest gifts out there for your kids
A gift guide to silly and affordable Christmas presents for your kids. Your children will love these gifts and you will too! #giftguideforkids, #affordablegiftsforkis, #christmaspresentsforkids
It's Christmas time again! This gift guide will help you choose a perfect and affordable Christmas present for your children. #giftguideforkids, #toysforkids, #christmasgifts
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  1. Alexa

    Kids have such sense of humors so I can agree that these would be great gifts that they’ll enjoy!

    • Carolina

      Thanks, I know my boys can be so silly and find the simplest things to be hilarious.

  2. Stacey Pardoe

    These are so much fun I can hardly take it! Thanks, Carolina! I always glean practical and helpful ideas when I visit you in this space! You are a blessing to me!

    • Carolina

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