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How to Pray for debt Cancellation and Financial Breakthrough

How to Pray for debt Cancellation and Financial Breakthrough

Did you know that the average American has about $16,000 in credit card debt? Add a mortgage, car loans, and student loans, and you will have a very heavy burden to carry.

This is not God’s will for your life. His will for your life is for you to prosper and be in health even as your soul prospers.

Thank God that His mercies are new every morning and it’s never too late to change.

Here are 4 steps that will teach you how to pray for debt cancellation and financial breakthrough.

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1. Write your debts

Make a list of everything that you owe mortgage, cars, personal loans, student loans, furniture, etc. Also, write all your bills and all your needs.

2. Find Scriptures that apply to your situation

The word of God is full of power. Every one of those words came out of the mouth of God. Those are the same words that God used to create the worlds and everything you see.

God responds to his word. Find scriptures, to stand on and believe God according to what they say.

Here are a few scriptures that can you can use.

Scriptures for debt freedom

  • Deuteronomy 28:12 The LORD will send rain at the proper time from his rich treasury in the heavens and will bless all the work you do. You will lend to many nations, but you will never need to borrow from them.
  • Phillippians 4:6 Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.
  • Phillippians 4:19 And my God shall supply all your need according to His riches in glory by Christ Jesus.
  • Romans 13:8 Owe no one anything except to love one another, for he who loves another has fulfilled the law.
  • Malachi 3:10 Bring all the tithes into the storehouse, That there may be food in My house, And try Me now in this,” Says the LORD of hosts, “If I will not open for you the windows of heaven And pour out for you such blessing That there will not be room enough to receive it.
  • 2 Corinthians 9:10 Now may He who supplies seed to the sower, and bread for food, supply and multiply the seed you have sown and increase the fruits of your righteousness.
  • Galatians 6:9 Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.
4 Easy steps that will teach you how to pray and receive your debt cancellation.

3. Ask, speak and believe

Ask: Come to your Daddy God and ask. The Bible tells us we have not because we ask not.

  • Ask to be led by The Holy Spirit to make wise financial decisions.
  • Ask for help to pay all your debt.
  • Ask for supernatural intervention on your behalf.
  • Ask for debt cancellation and financial breakthrough.
  • Ask for favor.
  • Ask for wisdom to stay out of debt once you are debt-free.

Speak: Jesus said that we need to speak to the mountain. So speak to your debt. Speak to your situation. Speak the word of God over your finances.

Call in your harvest, remind God that you are faithful tither and giver. Speak life over your finances and call your debt paid in full!

Believe: Believe you received when you prayed! Use your faith!

Therefore I say to you, whatever things you ask when you pray, believe that you receive them, and you will have them.

Mark 11:24

4. Thank God

Be thankful every day that you have received the answer. Praise God because you have what you have asked for!

Don’t look at the mountain of debt anymore. Keep your eyes on Jesus. Trust in Him, trust that God’s promises are true in your life and thank him!

Confessions for a debt-free life

Now that you have decided to get out of debt and have prayed for debt cancellation, here are a few confessions that you need to speak over your finances.

Remember that words have power. So much so that Jesus said that death and life are in the power of the tongue.

So, you need to line up your words with the word of God to see a financial miracle. God’s Creative Power by Charles Capps is my favorite books of biblical confessions, I highly recommend it.

  1. God is my supply and I have more than enough to pay for all my needs.
  2. The angels of The Lord are working on my behalf, bringing my harvest.
  3. I am debt-free.
  4. I am led to make wise financial decisions.
  5. I owe no man anything only to love him in Christ.
  6. The blessing of The Lord has made me rich, and it adds no sorrow with it.
  7. I am a lender and not a borrower.
  8. I am redeemed from the curse of poverty and lack.
  9. I am richly rewarded for my job. My check multiplies and increases in Jesus’s Name.
  10. The blessing on The Lord overtakes me in all the areas of my life.
  11. I am not anxious about anything, because my God will supply all my needs according to His riches in glory.
  12. God gives me the power to get wealth and establish his kingdom here on Earth.
  13. I am a joint heir with Christ.
  14. God’s will is my prosperity.
  15. My God makes all grace abound toward me in every favor and earthly blessing so I have all sufficiency for all things and abound to every good work.

Get out of debt

It is not God’s will for you to live in debt. If you want to live a debt-free life, this post will be very helpful for you, “5 Steps to a debt-free life”.

If you want to learn how to be a good steward of your money I recommend the book Financial Stewardship by Andrew Wommack.

It is time for the people of God to get their financial house in order. It’s time to pray and believe for debt cancellation and live a debt-free life!

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Learn the 4 easy steps that will teach you how to pray and believe for your finances, debt cancellation, and financial breakthrough.
Learn how to Pray for Debt Cancellation and Financial Freedom in 4 easy steps.#personalfinances, #finances, #prayer

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  1. Lynyadia Prosper

    God placed this in my path right on time. I am going through some financial strains right now but I trust God. This was just the encouragement I needed. Thank you for this!

    • Carolina

      I am so glad that this post was a blessing to you. I’m praying for you, keep your eyes on Jesus and keep trusting God!

  2. Katie Jones

    I really love this article. I’ve been doing research lately on honoring God with our money, and I really like this idea of praying for our debs to go away. It is a very brave and very bold thing to pray, but God can do anything, sometimes we do just need to ask.

    • Carolina

      Yes, God gives us the wisdom to pay our debts and to stay out of debt. Thanks for stopping by!


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