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The Best Parenting Advice From Experienced Christian Moms

The Best Parenting Advice From Experienced Christian Moms

I had my first son when I was 27 years old. I thought I knew a lot about parenting because I read books on parenting advice, but nothing can prepare you to be a parent.

When I had my baby, my mom was in another country and my husband and I recently moved to a new area so I had no one to give me direction. It was hard and sometimes I felt like the worst mom ever. I tried to do my best but still made some mistakes along the way.

Parenting is difficult, it is the biggest responsibility that God has given us and one day we will give an account for it.

I’ve put together this post full of golden nuggets and wisdom from experienced Christian moms and parenting quotes to help you and me on our parenting journey.

It doesn’t matter if you are a new mom or a mom of older kids, these parenting tips will be a great blessing to you. The parenting advice here doesn’t come from perfect people but comes from experienced moms that love Jesus, love their family and love to help moms like you by giving their best advice.

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Great Parenting Advice

Have non-negotiables! We had a simple strategy, given to us by God, to raise a child who would have godly principles at the core of everything he believed. The Holy Spirit told us to have a (short) list of “non-negotiables” with my son. These would be the things that we would not be willing to negotiate about, the things that would honor God and put God first in his life.

A few examples:

1. Honor God with your time by putting Him first: We do not miss church services, those are times set aside for God.

2. Honor God by guarding your heart: We are not going to fill our hearts, our ears, eyes or minds with ungodly things.

3. Honor God by honoring your parents: We will not negotiate respect and obedience.

4. Honor God with your finances: We give 10% of everything we get.

5. Honor God by developing a relationship with him: Worship, read the Bible, pray. Develop your own relationship with God.

Pastor Linda Andrews, Harvest Christian Center
Parenting Quotes

Lead by example and with grace. No rush to judgement when they mess up. Count to 10 before you react.


Remember, they will be gone before you are ready. Love them and form an unbreakable bond with them. Seek The Lord before you discipline them or before you give them instructions in serious matters.


Teach them the practical things they need to know for example: washing clothes, cooking, ironing, basic sewing and car maintenance.


Pray for them every day. Follow through with what you say. Let your no be a no, and your yes be a yes. Hold them accountable for their actions and love them unconditionally. Give grace where grace is needed and always follow the leading of The Holy Spirit.


Always be consistent. Seek The Lord’s wisdom. He knows our kids better than we do. Our job as a parent is to teach then to Love The Lord and everything else by example. Get them ready for the next stage of life. Tell them you love them every day and enjoy them because the years go by too fast.


Teach them good manners. Teach them to respect authority because you will always have someone in authority over you.

Parenting Quotes

More parenting tips!

Learning to pray before I start the day and before I discipline has been the most important part of parenting. Plus, if I do it out loud my kids learn how to pray and that I need Jesus too! 

Jenna Kosters, Peaches & Prayer

I prayed for their choices. Not that they would be prevented from making mistakes–that was inevitable.

I prayed that they would learn from them.

(Much to their chagrin, I let them know that I also prayed that they would always get caught!).

Vickie Munton, The Pomposity in Parenting

A hard-headed, stubborn child is a great thing to have, when you get them headed in the right direction. Be consistent. Don’t give in and don’t give up!

Patsy Palmer, InstaEncouragements

Let motherhood sanctify you. The Holy Spirit is shaping you, moving you, and reminding you of God’s will for your life, and your children get to see what that process looks like up close and personal. The Holy Spirit is continually working. Motherhood is sanctifying and your kids are blessed to see that change in your soul. 

Sarah Liberty Hardee, Christ-Centered Momma

My best advice is to cover your children in prayer daily! And every area of their lives. It’s never too early to pray for sexual purity, their future spouse, money management, etc. Also, start every day with a fresh start. Just as God’s mercies are new every morning, don’t hold a grudge against your kids .

Karen Ellis, Warrior Women Blog

The only book you need to read for expert parenting advice is the bible.

Melissa Allaire

Be real to your children. Tell them about your shortcomings and how you overcame them.


Always follow Christ in how you parent, but understand it never guarantees they’ll follow your lead. Trust one day they’ll find His path.

Lisa Wenninger

Always be ready to apologize and show them you need forgiveness and grace just as much as them.

Kathie McGoven, My Joy in Chaos

Embrace parenthood as a season for teaching but also for learning about a version of yourself that you probably never even knew existed.

Alexa Cabrera, The Powerful Mama
Parenting Quotes

Good parenting skills require that you…

My best parenting advice would be to work hard to have great communication, love, and trust with your children.


Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ so also parent with both grace and truth. Parenting with only truth leaves a child feeling that they will never be good enough (which fosters, rebellion, depression, etc). Parenting with only grace, leads to a child who is entitled. But parenting with both leads to a child that feels the love of their Savior and secure in the instruction of their parents.

Luisa Rodriguez, Fruitfully Living

More than happiness, more than a great career, more than a good spouse, THIS is what I want for my children. To love the Lord with all their heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Because I know circumstances in life will change. My children will go through seasons that are painful. But if they love God BIG, they will meet any challenge and come out on the other side victorious. What a responsibility we have as parents raising godly children, nurturing not only their bodies but their souls.

Most of us know the Scripture by heart, “Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old, he will not depart from it” (Prov. 22:6). When you train up your child in God’s love, it is very likely that they will choose to serve God all the days of their life

Mary Harp, Healthy Christian Home

I love you and there is nothing you can do to stop that. In order to teach our children the love of God we have to love them like God loves us

Detelshia Baker, Telthat

Enjoy the ride

Gwen Thielges, Gwenthielges

It’s so easy to draw our identity as moms from the world instead of Christ. The enemy would like nothing more than to tell us who we are and how we should parent. We have to fight the temptation of looking to that mom’s group, Pinterest, internet search, or even a book, and look to God and his Word for parenting advice. Before you ask for someone’s opinion, go to God in prayer and search His word. Then, if you still have questions, ask godly sources. But, being grounded in the truth is the most important first step.

Erin Ashley Boado, Lullaby Lark

Don’t let anything distract you from your biggest responsibility: teaching your child about Christ and His love for them.

Rosa Barnett, Rosa Barnett
Parenting Quotes

More on how to do parenting!

Don’t rush your role as parent. Listen to your child, love on your child, take time to teach them about Jesus and character building lessons, and lastly don’t take this time for granted

Heather Chapman, Lessons from Home

I’m a large blended family momma and my best advice is: there is always new Joy in the morning. Don’t let the sun go down on your anger and don’t hold grudges. Children need to wake up to a fresh start every morning.

Christina Wilson, Doing Something Beautiful

Always be there for your children, listen, don’t judge, tell them you love them and allow them to make and learn from their mistakes, … that’s where growth happens.

Betsy Carter, Betsy Carter Wellness

My best advice would be to always look beyond behaviour and strive to understand why your child is acting the way they are. Seek to understand the heart. Where’s the behaviour coming from?

Jennifer Lovemore, Love More to Live

Let your moments of frustration and weakness be a trigger to remind you to turn to the Lord for His guidance. Even in the moment, He can give you wisdom if you stop and listen. Ask Him what He wants you to know about the situation. It will amaze you at what He reveals and how He can change your heart to be more like him, and therefore a better parent to your children. One day at a time, sisters!

Heather Goffrier, Strong with Grace

Look at how God deals with us as His children and treat your own child accordingly. He disciplines those He loves, He loved us when we were in the depth of our sin, and He delights in us and sings over us with joy. Grace upon grace He has given us, and enables us to raise our children with the same grace He extends to us. Praise His Name! 

Lois Mckiernan, Where Truth Lives

Make “oh well, try again!” One of your slogans.

Carissa Deanne, Faith and Felt Obsession
Check out what these amazing Christian moms have to say about parenting. Parenting advice and tips that will help you in your parenting journey.

In our parenting, the heart must be our starting point. We need to do the hard work of getting behind the behavior and uncovering the “why”. From teaching character to addressing behavior issues to answering the questions they ask, we are building a foundation of relationship with our kids. Just as the Lord desires a personal relationship with us. We can then show them what that looks like and continually point them to Christ. When we parent the heart of the child, real lasting change is the outcome ♥️

Proverbs 4:23

Keep your heart with all vigilance, for from it flows the springs of life.

Lee Felix, Like Minded Musings

Teach your children that life isn’t fair, grades are not as important as integrity, and when you’re potty training little boys, teach them to stand up and aim at Cheerios in the toilet!

Leah Grey, Grey Ministries

Spend one-on-one time with each child doing something THEY love to do…with NO interruptions. Doing so will open the gates of communication between the two if you. It will be magical!

Carri Mason, Down Aspen Lane

We are raising our children to be adults. Teach them to think and do for themselves. They’ll thank you! 

Cate Newnom Leach, Blessed Reject

Trust your parenting instincts .

Andrea Felder, Real Life Parenting Strategies

We find the best parenting advice in God, it is found through prayer and by digging in The Word of God.

Follow the advice and the example of our good teacher Jesus Christ so you can better teach your kids.

Love, communication, patience and knowing how to listen are a must. Be consistent and don’t give up in teaching your kids to love and follow the Lord.

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My 2 cents on Parenting

My advice to you is to be present. We live in a busy world, we have many distractions and many things screaming for our attention. Let’s put the phone down, let’s turn the TV off and set the video games and work aside and be present for your kids, spend quality time together and give them your undivided attention.

This precious time together will open up the lines of communication and will make them feel important. Use this time to get to know their heart, to encourage them and to point them towards Jesus.

Time spent with your kids is never wasted time. It’s ok if the dishes stay dirty for a while, or there are toys everywhere. Enjoy the time with your babies because time flies by and now it’s time be there, to train them and keep a watchful eye for things that can come against them.

I hope you enjoyed this post packed with wisdom! Don’t forget to share it with a friend and check out our other parenting posts!

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