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The Most Important Present in The Easter Basket

The Most Important Present in The Easter Basket

Don’t feel bad, is not just you. Thousands of people are missing the most important present in the Easter Basket.

With all the eggs and chocolates, toys, stuffed animals and all the wonderful things that go inside the baskets it can be easy to forget what your children really need.

What is that? and the answer is really simple…the message.

For us Christians, Easter is one if not the most important day of the year. It is the day we celebrate the resurrection of Jesus.

But as more and more holidays are commercialized the meaning of the day gets watered down as we put our attention in vain things that are not really that important.

Bunnies and Easter eggs are super cute but it is our responsibility to teach our kids the message of Easter.

We are not going to replace Jesus with the Easter bunny because Jesus was the one who died to save the world. Easter is about Jesus. Let’s not make this day about something vain, instead let’s give the honor to the One who really deserves it.

What is missing in your kid's Easter basket?

The Message

The most important present in the Easter basket is the message. The Message is that we celebrate Easter because we celebrate Jesus, it is all about Jesus.

Focus on what Jesus did for us over 2,000 years ago and talk about what happened and why it was necessary for Jesus to die.

Spend time with your kids studying the bible and making sure they understan that Jesus is the reson why we have Easter.

There is nothing wrong with Easter baskets and Easter eggs as long as our kids know that the day is all about Jesus and what He did for us. We must put Jesus First!

What to put in the basket

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Besides silly toys, cute stuffed animals and yummy candy, how about something meaningful, something that will point your kids in the right direction and help them get closer to God.

A new bible is a great way to get the kids excited about reading the word of God. In this post The Best Bibles for Children By Age you can find great choices for the Easter baskets.

The Bible Comes Alive Series is a great present. Your kids can hear the word of God dramatized in an audio cd. My boys love to listen to the stories right before they fall asleep. This is a good and easy way to get The Word of God in them.

For kids older than 8 years old, Kid’s Guide to the Armor of God is a book that every Christian parent should get for their kids. This book explains all of the armor of God and how to use it.

Battlefield of the Mind for Kids it’s the kid version of Joyce Meyer’s bestselling book Battlefield of the mind. This book talks about our thoughts and how they influence our life. Teaches kids how to deal with the mind according to the word of God.

Another great option for the Easter basket is the The Purpose Driven Life Devotional for Kids. This book has 365 devotionals that will point your kids to God. Plus it is a great way to bond with your kids as you go through the devotional together.

Superbook DVD movies are super cute and they all carry the message of the Word of God. There are tons of DVDs with different stories, all of them are based on the bible.

How about a t-shirt with a message pointing to Christ? I found some great Christian t-shirts for kids here. Let the kids take the message wherever they go!

Finally, The Jesus Storybook Bible Audio CD, every story whispers His name. Every one of the stories points to Jesus and that is the message we want our kids to get.

As you can see there are many options for things that you can put inside the baskets that will point your kids to Christ. Because He always comes first and Easter is all about Jesus.

Let’s put presents in the basket that are really going to bless our kids lives and will keep them focused on what is really important.

What other things do you put in your kid’s baskets to point them to Jesus?

An Easter basket full of Easter eggs and toys, what else can be missing?
Are you missing the most important present in your child's Easter Basket?
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  1. Jamie T

    Amen! The message of Easter has been “sugar coated” if you will. Haha. If Jesus hadn’t risen from the grave, we wouldn’t have the Biblical freedom we have to come to throne today. Thank you for sharing that message.

    • Carolina

      You are right, He made a way for us to freely come to the Father.

  2. Sara Lewis

    Great resources!
    We try hard to not gift a lot of candy and toys so I really appreciate these ideas.

    • Carolina

      Thanks for stopping by!😃

  3. April

    It is absolutely right that we always need to make sure our emphasis is on Jesus at the Easter Holiday. I have many times used Bible’s and other type material for my kids baskets when they were younger We did always make sure that they knew the most important reason we are celebrating!! Great ideas here and thoughts!!

    • Carolina

      Thank you!

  4. Wendy/One Exceptional Life

    This is a wonderful message to folks who commercialize Resurrection Day. You’ve offered some great alternatives. Great post!

    • Carolina

      Thank you so much.😃

  5. Brittany

    Yeeesss!! Thank you for all of these kid friendly recommended options to make sure the Easter basket contains the most important item – the message. I’ll definitelt be checking into some of these goodies. I’m always looking for creative ways for my children to get to know who Jesus is and what He did for us!

    • Carolina

      There really great choices there, I love the t-shirts, once you click through the link you can see all of the amazing designs they have for kids! I’m glad you like the list!

  6. Carolina

    Thank you so much for sharing my post.



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