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God’s Financial Guidelines For Success

God’s Financial Guidelines For Success

God’s financial guidelines for success

A few years back, a friend of mine called me on the phone crying. She was really upset; she and her husband were living paycheck to paycheck and sometimes even on borrowed money.

My friend lived in a small apartment with her family and buying a home was only a dream in her heart.

Fast forward 2 years, she just sent me a picture of the front of her brand new house. It has a big living room and granite counters just like she always dreamed of.

What happened in these 2 years that changed their lives so much? Well, my friend and her husband got a hold of God’s guidelines for success. They were diligent to do it God’s way, and now they are reaping the rewards.

What I’m about to teach you is something simple, yet powerful. I’m sure you already know or heard about it. But if you are not seeing your dreams come true, you better pay attention to what I’m about to say.

God’s financial guidelines for success are only 2: tithing and giving. Yeah, I know…you were waiting for a mind-blowing revelation but hear me out. This can change your life forever.


According to the latest statistics, only 2.8% of Christians tithe. The number is actually lower than the 3% of Christians that tithed during the Great Depression. This alone explains why there is so many Christians living paycheck to paycheck.

If you don’t believe in tithing, then you are missing out one of the greatest blessings that The Lord has given us. If you know that you are supposed to tithe but you don’t do it, I encourage you to. It’s never too late to be obedient.

Tithing has nothing to do with money and everything to do with obedience. Of course, your tithe is 10% of your income and that is money but tithing is actually more than that.

Tithing is giving God what belongs to Him. When you tithe, He will bless the 90% that you have leftover because obedience brings blessing.

With your tithe, you are showing God that you trust Him with your finances. We trust God with our eternal life but we don’t trust Him with our money. So many times we forget that all is His.

If you want to see your life change, if you want to see your dreams come true, then you must trust God with your finances. He will never let you down.

Bring the whole tithe into the storehouse, that there may be food in my house. Test me in this,” says the LORD Almighty, “and see if I will not throw open the floodgates of heaven and pour out so much blessing that there will not be room enough to store it.

Malachi 3:10

God's financial guidelines for success


We can talk about giving until the cows come home 🐄 but it really comes down to seedtime and harvest. The Kingdom of God operates under the seedtime and harvest law.

What is seedtime and harvest?

My dad lives in Costa Rica and in his backyard, he has a huge avocado tree. When is avocado season in Costa Rica, you can get close to 300 avocados off of that 1 tree. But to get all those avocados, someone many years ago had to plant 1 avocado seed. That 1 seed bared much fruit.

If I go to my backyard, I better bring a chair because I’ll be there all my life waiting for the avocados to fall off 🥑 Because I never planted an avocado tree, so I don’t have a tree, which means I won’t get any avocados.

Many times in life we are expecting blessings, but we did no sowing in the first place.

There must be a seed on the ground first to reap a harvest.

Jesus tells us: “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” Why? Because if we don’t give, we won’t have a seed. If we don’t have a seed, then we won’t have a harvest.

If you want to prosper, you must give. If you don’t have money, give food, give clothes, give your time but always give.

I will tell you this, if you plant tomatoes, you will get tomatoes. Plant the kind of seed that would like reap in the future.

Start where you are, get used to give and be a blessing to others. It doesn’t have to be something big if you can only give a dollar do it! Look how many avocados you get from just 1 seed. You got to start somewhere. Do it from your heart.

Be a blessing to someone, and you will see the blessing being poured out in your life.

I’m tithing, I’m giving now what?

Now, we will water our seeds!

We water our seeds with our faith and with the words of our mouth.

My friend was a tither and a giver for many years, but these guidelines were not working for her. She was so frustrated because she was doing everything she knew how but she was not seeing the promised results.

She was not seeing results because she was not watering her seeds, and she kept digging the seeds out to see if they were growing.  She didn’t have faith, she wanted to see the results with her own eyes now, instead of having faith that the seed would eventually sprout.

I think we’ve all done this more than one time.

Until she stopped digging the seed out and kept constantly watering it, that’s when finally the seed sprouted and she was able to reap a great harvest. Which not only included buying a new home but also a better paying job for her and for her husband, along with other blessings.

I want to see you prosper, I want to hear the testimonies! 🤗Follow these easy steps to help you water your seeds so you too can see your dreams come true.

  • Trust that God’s Word is true.
  • Know that His promises and true for you.
  • Once your seed is planted have faith that you will see a mighty harvest.
  • Visualize your harvest, visualize your dreams come true, visualize your blessing ( new car?, new house?, being debt free? etc.)
  • Don’t speak lack or poverty over your life or your family.
  • Even when it doesn’t look like is working, don’t waiver, stay in faith.
  • Always give, plant seeds all the time, the more you plant the biggest the harvest.
  • Watch what comes out of your mouth. Speak life into your situation.
  • Pray over your seeds and remind God of your obedience. (He is cool with that.)
  • See yourself the way God sees you.
  • Once the blessing comes, enjoy and don’t forget to keep sowing.


I prayed over this post before I wrote it. I know without a doubt in my heart that if you follow God’s financial guidelines for success, you will see your dreams come true. I have done it, I can testify about it and I want to see you achieve your dreams.

Once your blessing comes, be a good steward of your money. Read the book Financial Stewardship Financial Stewardship, it will help you manage God’s money while being blessed at the same time.

Be diligent, and most important trust God. You can do this!

Tell me about your dreams, what blessings would you like to see in your life?

Financial Guidelines for Christians

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Born in Costa Rica. Wife and mother of 2 boys. Studied Biblical and Ministerial Studies and graduated from Harvest School of Ministry. Helping you and encouraging you to develop a personal relationship with the Lord so you can live a beautiful kingdom life.


  1. Lynda Andrews

    Hey Carolina, Just wanted you to know I’m checking out your blog! Love you! : )

    • Carolina

      Thank you so much! Love you guys!

  2. Kendra|Self-care overload

    I’m at the stage as your friend, I pay tithes but need to work on my faith. I just don’t want to have two sided faith like James mentioned in the Bible. I’m working on it. This post was right on time for me. I also wanted to say that I love your blog and It’s lovely seeing a follower of Christ in the blogging community.

    Kendra 🌸

    • Carolina

      Thank so you much, I love the fact that my blog can be a blessing for somebody. Remember, obedience brings blessing, keep trusting God, keep believing His promises are true and keep seeing yourself as the blessed of the Lord. Picture yourself being blessed and soon He will bring it to pass.

  3. Akhona

    This helped me so much because I noticed always when I have to tithe I will have fear and doubts if I was going to get the blessings in Malachi 3:10 but I’m greatful to you trust GOD I have to be obedient enough on the word. Thank you for making me understand about seed time and harvet. May the LORD BLESS YOU Carolina 🙏


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