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31 Fun things to do as a couple

31 Fun things to do as a couple

I don’t know about you, but I need some fresh ideas about fun things to do with my husband. Don’t get me wrong, we have a lot of fun together but we tend to do the same things over and over.

So I’m ready for a few new ideas. How about you?

Aren’t you curious to know about what fun things other couples do?

Date night lists are fun, but I think it’s more exciting to hear from other people. So, I asked a few ladies to share some of their secrets about the fun and bonding activities that they do with their significant other.

It is important to remember that you do not have to go all out or spend a lot of money to have quality time with your husband. The most important thing is to be present, and to enjoy each other’s company.

Not all dates are going to be perfect, just learn to see the good in every circumstance, be grateful for the little things and your relationship will be stronger.

Fun things couples do

We play goofy golf inside… we set up obstacles with pillows and make ramps and have a cup as the hole  ⛳️😊  It’s a lot of fun to make each room a hole in the course!

Jenna Kosters from Peaches&

We like to get a room in another city and just take a mini vacation away from home. Sometimes we stay in a cabin or just a simple nice hotel.


We like to watch Nailed It! and have cake decorating contests. It’s so much fun!

Mollie Pope from

My husband and I like to go for hikes at different places or ride our bikes on a trail.


We go golfing on Fridays, go for ice-cream, listen to worship songs we can sing together and watch specific shows we look forward to each week.

Stacy Zant from

As a couple, we enjoy visiting to historical sights.


We are in a unique season of my husband studying full time, and we have five kids, 12 and down. It’s super intense, but we make grocery runs, and Lowe’s stops into dates. Sometimes a late coffee break in the study away from the kids qualifies 😉

Melissa Troyer from

For us, it’s motorcycle rides.


We like to play cooperative games, like Castle Panic (he likes competitive games, but I hate them, so our compromise is that we play games where it’s us against some other force, not against each other). We also tend to have the most fun when we work on projects together – most recently we have been building flower planters with the stone that used to make up a water feature in our backyard. 

Hallie Liening from

We like to go to concerts, try new restaurants, check out breweries and go to car shows and flea markets.

Aren't you curious to know about what fun things other couples do? Check out these 31 fun things to do as a couple. #datenights, #marriage, #funmarriage

What other things married couples do for fun

My husband and I are the happiest when we take holidays with our kids to the beach.


We like to get a couple of patio chairs and sit under an oak tree in the backyard that overlooks the pond and just talk. It’s our downtime that’s just us. We get to talk about our dreams, visions, struggles, and more. We also try to do a relationship check-up every Sunday to see how we’re doing in our relationship in the same backyard setup. It’s like our relationship tune-up. 

Sarah Ann from

Going camping just the 2 of us is one of our favorite bonding activities. We also pack up dinner and eat it in the car while parked at the beach.


I had a hard time answering this because honestly my husband and I have fun together even when we are each doing our own thing at home because we still chat and my husband is hilarious, so everything ends up being funny! But one thing we love to do together is watch our favorite shows each week! We have a handful of shows we love watching!

Diane Shirlaw-Ferreira from

Our thing is riding dirt bikes.


We love kayaking and worshiping The Lord together.


Me and my husband have our most quality time together when just get in the car and go for a drive. We love talking. We can talk for hours, so driving has always been our thing. If it’s a weeknight, we drive to deserted areas where we can see the stars better.

On weekends, we will just wake up and say let’s go! We will do day trips to new spots we find on IG or Facebook in AZ. We give ourselves 1 hr to get ready. Sometimes we don’t even think about where we are going till we get in the car, then we pull out our phones and choose a place.

Carmen Brown from

We love to go for long walks on the beach.


Movie nights and take out are our thing!


A couple of things we’ve done while isolating: My hubby wrote lyrics to a song and then I wrote the music and recorded it on GarageBand. Next – just to be goofy – we recorded a couple of episodes of a podcast talking about current issues. We had some good laughs. 

Michele Ferguson Tingley from
Need fresh ideas for date night or just something fun to do with your spouse? Check out what these 31 couples do for fun. #marriagefun, #datenight, #relationshipideas

Bonding activities for couples

My husband and I love to ballroom dance.


We have fun playing Yahtzee via phone app. We pass it back and forth and tease each other about who’s ahead. We also love sipping wine and watching Suits (our latest fav show) or taking our wine out on the back porch if it’s nice out.

The other night we had an at-home date night where we tasted cheeses and craft beers, and I think next time we’ll taste chocolates (my fav!). We also have so much fun just doing normal stuff because of our senses of humor mesh really well. I think laughter is a huge component of a happy relationship! 

Heather Goffrier from

We’ve done a few obstacle courses together like spartan race and mud hero. Also, we also go to a game cafe and have a fancy hot beverage and dessert while playing a game. It’s a lot of fun!


We have Friday night take away night, it’s what we do every week. We also enjoy our chats in the kitchen when the children are keeping themselves busy. ❤

Francesca Prince from

My husband and I are both musicians, so we play together in a band. We love playing and going out for dinner afterwards. Also take out and movie nights are also our favorites.


We try to do something romantic or fun once a week to have fun together as best friends do. For example we did date night in the living room during quarantine. We still dressed up and went all out for each other.


Sometimes we go out dancing. We love going to thrift and antique stores and believe it or not we like to go clothes and shoes shopping! Yes, I’m blessed he loves that too! We also enjoy watching UFC and fine dining.


We go on motorcycle picnic dates and we like flea markets and sushi bars. We do life group together, have backyard fires, go to the gun range, game nights with other couples and dancing.


My husband and I love to cook together and we love to work on the house together, always trying to improve something around the house. To us, that is fun.


My husband and I love to watch silly YouTube videos together. for example yesterday we watched a seven-minute video of a man with a hilarious laugh. We laughed until we cried. YouTube videos bring us so much joy lol!


Sometimes when we don’t have a baby sitter, we do date nights inside the house. We get take out, and bring it to our room for dinner and a movie. We put a do not disturb sign on our door. I set up a schedule for the kids and they follow it. They do not disturb us unless there is an emergency of course.

These days are one of my favorites!



There you have it!! Tons of ideas of fun things couples do.

You don’t have to have a lot of money to do something fun and romantic with your husband. A simple walk in a new park while holding hands will do. The important thing is to be with each other and to enjoy each other’s company.

Our marriages are worth fighting for and we need to make an effort to make our spouses and our marriages a priority.

Use some of these or all of these ideas to change things up a bit in your marriage and your date nights.

What do you and your husband do for fun? Let me know in the comments!

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