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30 Biblical Affirmations that Speak Life Into Your Marriage

30 Biblical Affirmations that Speak Life Into Your Marriage

Would you believe me if I tell you that with your mouth you have the power to create the marriage you desire?

Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruit.
Proverbs 18:21

God said that you have the power to bring death or life into your marriage, and you do that with the words you speak.

That is the reason why these biblical affirmations for your marriage are so important.

Words have power so we need to make sure we are speaking the right things when it comes to our marriage, our family, our kids and ourselves.

Faith and Words

When you combine the power of your words with faith, you have a miracle-making formula.

(as it is written “I have made you a father of many nations” ) in the presence of Him whom he believed—God, who gives life to the dead and calls those things which do not exist as though they were.

Romans 4:17

This Bible verse talks about Abraham and how he believed God. God called Abraham the father of many nations even though he and his wife were old and didn’t have any children.

Why did God call Abraham a father of many nations even when he had no children? Because God calls those things that are not as though they were. God used the power in His words to bring to reality what was already done in the kingdom realm.

Ephesians 5:1 tells us we need to be imitators of God. We need to speak like God speaks.

We need to have faith and speak those things that are not, as though they were. Don’t speak what you see in your marriage, speak what you want to see.

This video will help you learn more about faith-filled words: Words of Faith will Change your Situation.

These biblical affirmations for your marriage will help you speak life into it.

What have you speaking into your marriage? What are you speaking about your husband? These 30 affirmations will help change the way you speak about your marriage. #marriage, #marriageaffirmations, #marriageadvice

Faith-filled Affirmations for your marriage

  1. God is the center of my home and my marriage.
  2. My husband and I are led by The Spirit of God to make wise decisions.
  3. Our marriage grows stronger and happier every day.
  4. My husband and I fall in love with each other every single day.
  5. God’s favor and grace are on my marriage.
  6. Our favorite time of the day is when we spend time together.
  7. My husband and I have a 1 Corinthians 13 kind of love. We have the God kind of love in our marriage.
  8. I choose to love, to be patient, to be kind and to forgive my husband.
  9. There is nothing impossible for our marriage because with God all things are possible.
  10. My husband and I desire each other.
  11. Since God put us together, no man can take us apart.
  12. We don’t keep a record of each other’s wrongdoings.
  13. There is passion in our marriage.
  14. We have a great sex life in our marriage and we satisfy each other’s needs.
  15. We always have the right words to say to one another.
  16. God gives us the wisdom to know when to be silent.
  17. I am grateful for my husband. He is a great man of God and a great leader to our home.
  18. My husband and I are faithful to each other.
  19. We are a couple that loves to give and serve others.
  20. I choose to respond in love even when it’s hard.
  21. We are good stewards of our finances and we always make wise decisions.
  22. Our faith is strong and together we can overcome anything.
  23. Our marriage is a light in this world and people can see Jesus in us.
  24. We submit ourselves under the mighty hand of God.
  25. Our marriage is happy and long-lasting.
  26. Jesus is our foundation and our marriage it’s a great example to our kids.
  27. Together we are raising a godly family that will fulfill God’s purpose for our lives.
  28. We are quick to forgive each other.
  29. My husband is so handsome, so talented and I love him with all my heart.
  30. There is great communication in my marriage.
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You want to speak what you want to see come to pass.

Lastly, don’t give up, be like Abraham, he believed God’s promises even when they made no sense. Keep speaking these biblical affirmations into your marriage until you see the results.

If you don’t have it yet, The Kingdom Marriage series would be a great investment in your marriage. Check it out, I highly recommended!

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Do you want a happy marriage? What words are you speaking over your husband and your marriage?
Change the direction of your marriage by using biblical affirmations
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  1. Timberley

    Number 1 is my favorite and is the very first question we ask couples when we do marriage counseling. Because without God (and His Word) being the final authority in the marriage there will always be conflict. Thank you for sharing, we will share with our Living Our Priorities Community. Stopping by from By His Grace bloggers.

    • Carolina

      Yes, God should always be number one in everything we do. Thanks so much for stopping by!

    • Susan Wambui

      This article is so refreshing. Keep encouraging us! Thank you.

  2. Laura Thomas

    Love these affirmations! I’ve been married for 31 years and say a hearty AMEN! 🤗

    • Carolina

      31 Years!!! That is wonderful, congratulations!

  3. Anita Ojeda

    What a wonderful reminder that words and faith make a powerful combination! When I’m not feeling creative or particularly loving towards my husband, I’ll be coming back to this list for some affirmation ideas :).

    • Carolina

      That is awesome to hear!!!


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