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About Me


I’m Carolina, I’m from Costa Rica but I’ve been living in Texas for the past 23 years. I married my prince charming 15 years ago and we have 2 wonderful boys.  I love Jesus the most. I’m a coffee drinker and a lover of all things with pink and glitter.  I love reading books (I have lots of them), listening to sermons and podcasts and listening to music.

Our Kingdom Culture is a place where you can find godly wisdom that can help you live a victorious Christian life. Developing a relationship with God and His word will keep you strong when the storms of life come. In this blog, you will find word of God-inspired posts that will help you succeed in 4 major areas of your life: Spiritual Growth, Marriage, Parenting and Finances.

I write each post with you in mind, and I pray that they are a blessing to you and your family. Check out some of our posts:


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