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About Me

Hi, welcome to Our Kingdom Culture, it is a blessing for me to have you here on my blog!

My wish for this blog is for you to find tools that will help you live a successful Christian life, grow deeper in your walk with The Lord and develop a strong relationship with Him. Here, you will find tips and ideas that will help you live an easy and happier kingdom life. This is a place where we can learn, grow and have a good time while always keeping God first. It is God’s children culture!

Let me tell you a story…

Once upon a time, in a far away land named Costa Rica, a beautiful baby girl was born. Her mom thought that her baby girl looked just like a princess so she decided to named her Carolina after Caroline, the princess of Monaco.

Carolina’s mom was a single mom so her grandmother watched Carolina and her older brother because mom needed to work.

Growing up they didn’t have much. Carolina only had a few toys and the few pretty dresses that she had were hand me downs from her cousins or friends.

God was always good to Carolina and her family. Even though they were poor, they always had food at the table and clean clothes to wear.

Carolina was a very happy child and had a pretty big loving family.

Carolina’s mom worked at the Salvation Army in Costa Rica for many years, so she and her brother were always given clothes that were sent there from families in America.

At the age of 15 Carolina found her dad! That’s right, she found him!

After one year and with her dad’s help, Carolina came to the United States.

One night when Carolina was working as a carhop at Sonic, she met the most handsome prince charming, his name was Erik.

After 4 years of being crazy in love, they decided to get married. So, in May 8, 2004 in Houston, Texas, Erik and Carolina got hitched! And, one year later they got hitched again! This time in Costa Rica.

Fast forward a little bit…3 homes, 2 dogs and 2 beautiful boys later…they are going to celebrate 15 years of marriage this year!

Carolina loves Jesus, her family, coffee, reading books, soccer, going to church, spending time with her family. Carolina is very happy, even though her life is not perfect, she loves the life that God has given her.

Now, she spends her days taking care of her family, reading and journaling the bible, listening to bible teachings and love songs. Carolina has a dream of spreading the word of God all over the world with her blog and helping missionaries. Her heart desires to give and to be a blessing to everyone she meets, that’s the reason why she opened a blog called Our Kingdom Culture.

With the blog, God will make all her dreams come true, because in the end all of us children of God will have a happily ever after. 

Well, I hope you enjoyed my little story; it’s the story of my life. Know that I am here to serve you. It is my desire to help you grow in The Lord, to help you know Him better and see His will come to pass in your life, and to help you live a beautiful life.

It is my prayer to be the answer to someone’s prayer. I’m not perfect, I’m a work in progress and God deals with me everyday but if you ever need me, I’m just an email away.