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57 Practical Tips for a Happy Marriage

57 Practical Tips for a Happy Marriage

Tips for a Happy Marriage

Here we are, 14 years after we said: “I do.” Three homes, 2 dogs, 2 kids and still crazy in love. We have had our ups and downs, we have made each other happy and we have let each other down. There has been tears and silence but they don’t even compare with the number of laughs and smiles.  We are here for the long run and glad to share with you some practical tips for a happy marriage.

Having a happy marriage doesn’t mean that there is never going to be conflict. But, how you handle those problems is what makes a difference between a happy and an unhappy marriage.

Here are some practical tips for a happy marriage, because it is God’s will for us to be happy.

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How to have a happy marriage

  1. Decide that Jesus will be the center and the foundation of your marriage.
  2. Pray for your spouse and your marriage (pray for wisdom).
  3. Always choose love and love unconditionally, without limitations.
  4. Have respect for each other.
  5. Know that your spouse is imperfect and they are going to make mistakes.
  6. Forgive always.
  7. Don’t let a day go by without saying I love you.
  8. Kiss every chance you get.
  9. Don’t dwell on the past, move forward.
  10. Be happy.
  11. Be quick to repent and say “I’m sorry”.  What price are you willing to pay for being right?
  12. Communicate. Talk about everything and come to a mutual agreement.
  13. Be honest. Don’t lie or hide things from your spouse.
  14. Make your spouse feel loved.
  15. Build each other up. Never tear each other down.
  16. Speak life over your marriage.
  17. Always have a kind word to say.
  18. Go out on a date regularly.
  19. Go to bed together.
  20. Write him a love letter.
  21. Keep up the compliments.
  22. Send him a sexy text.
  23. Enjoy each others company.
  24. Don’t yell. Don’t nag.
  25. Never curse at each other.
  26. Sometimes is better to be quiet and let it go. (like Frozen 😄)
  27. After God, your spouse should be number #1 in your life. Make him feel that way.
  28. Serve each other.
  29. Don’t be selfish.
  30. Make each other laugh.
  31. Make love often.
  32. Get creative (this one goes with #31 😘)
  33. Listen without interrupting.
  34. Make yourself look good. Stay beautiful, inside and out!
  35. Be there to support each other.
  36. Ask nicely.
  37. Help out whenever you can.
  38. Don’t be jealous.
  39. Be thankful.
  40. Think often and compliment all the good qualities that you see in him.
  41. Never stop trying.
  42. Never let anyone disrespect your spouse.
  43. Don’t talk bad about your spouse with anyone.
  44. Always make time for each other.
  45. Be each other’s best friend.
  46. Cuddle.
  47. Be patient with one another.
  48. Be positive and look at the bright side.
  49. Hold hands.
  50. Set goals together.
  51. Be your spouse’s cheerleader.
  52. Pray together.
  53. Dream together.
  54. Determine that your marriage is worth fighting for.
  55. Smile at each other and laugh at each other’s jokes, even if they are terrible.
  56. Show interest in each other’s worlds.
  57. Be faithful and have integrity.

Love is a choice that we get to make each and every day. Choose love every day.

What other tips for happy marriages would you add to our list?

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  1. Lisa

    Great tips!!! My favorite: keep quiet and let it go. Such a good reminder and sometimes so difficult to do.

    • Carolina

      Yes, staying quiet and not respond is one of the most difficult things we can do but it will be a blessing at the end. The most important part is to be led by God.

  2. Sandi

    34 Years and counting here! Great post and advice.

    • Carolina

      I love it, congratulations!!

  3. Tricia Snow

    I agree with you. There will always be conflict. How you handle that conflict is what matters. I am glad we learned that early in our marriage.

    • Carolina

      Yes, the sooner we learn that in our marriages the better.

  4. Ramae Hamrin

    Very nice list! I’m so happy for you. Everyone can learn from this!

    • Carolina

      Thank you so much!

  5. Michele

    Such perfect advice! Sometimes the smallest of things can make so much difference!

    • Carolina


  6. Tiffany

    Beautiful list. Great reminders that we all need to reread every now and again.

    • Carolina

      Thank you. It is not easy to apply all those we can sure try.

  7. Monica

    Really fun and great tips. I think if people did more of them there would definitely be less divorces

    • Carolina

      I agree with you. Marriage requires hard work on our part.

  8. T.M. Brown

    Great list – been married 22 years, it’s not always easy to put all those into practice. LOL. However, it’s good to be reminded of things we need to work on in order to ensure that our marriage is successful and on track with God’s plan.

    • Carolina

      I have been married for 15 and yes, putting all those tips in practice is not easy but we can do it or at least try our best!

  9. Rosemary

    Good list! 25 years here, and “Let it go!” is definitely a must!

    BTW- there are a couple of typos in your post. Email me if you want to know.

    • Carolina

      Thanks for letting me know.

  10. Katie

    Great list! My fiance and I are getting married in September so we will be sure to keep these things in mind.

    • Carolina

      That is so awesome, congratulations!

  11. Pauline

    What a great list of tips. Marriage isn’t always easy and takes work, but it can last a lifetime.

    • Carolina



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